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We asked Merlins to share with us their strangest dish that showed up at Thanksgiving and “worked”.

One Merlin prepared a well-received Tofurky Plant Based Turk’y Roast. Another, who is not a fan of the traditional fare, slow-cooked and made shredded turkey with her husband and it has since become tradition in their family.

Back in 2014, the New York Times assigned “Grape Salad” as a Minnesota traditional Thanksgiving dish, much to the surprise of Minnesotans and as a result one Merlin enjoyed it at their table that same year.

Sometimes the new dish “works”, and even when it doesn’t it creates long lasting memories, as in the case of one Merlin whose sister-in-law brought the pumpkin pie….minus the sugar. Oops!

With Thanksgiving approaching, what is your different dish that “worked”?