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Publications & Patents


Present and past Merlin employees have been Contributing Editors of trade magazines such as Prepared Foods Magazine and Cereal Foods World. These articles provide valuable information about trends, technical approaches, and current issues in our industry.

Our publications provide non-confidential evidence of our skills and ability to deliver results for your project needs. Merlin employees are recognized experts in the fields of Formulation, Processing, Innovation, Quality Assurance, Consumer Behavior & Trends, Experimental Design, and more.

Our staff members have been invited to chair symposia on New Product Development, to speak at major conferences, and to teach courses at international conferences, in client facilities, at Merlin, and around the world.

Staff members also hold a number of patents which provide detailed examples of our innovative thinking and thorough technical approach without disclosing confidential information.



Protecting Your Innovations

Merlin scientists, during their extensive careers, have obtained the patents listed below. As a true innovator, Merlin Development is very familiar with the patent process. All patents developed in conjunction with our projects are assigned to the client.

  • Composition and Method for Flavoring Popcorn Product. U.S. Patent 5,750,166
  • Simulated Egg Patty. U.S. Patent 5,620,735
  • Fat Free Breadstuff and Process Therefore.  Canadian Patent 2,174,824
  • Egg Patty. U.S. Design Patent 376,251
  • Tortillas Having Increased Flexibility and Process Therefore. Canadian Patent 2,174,816
  • Microweavable Batter-Coated Dough-Enrobed Food Stuff. U.S. Patent 5,194,271
  • Enzymatic Treatment of Produce Cell Wall Fragments. U.S. Patent 5,120,552
  • Starch Based Products for Microwave Cooking or Heating. U.S. Patent 5,035,904
  • Controlling the Texture of Microwave Brownies. U.S. Patent 4,940,595
  • Taco Shell and Method of Manufacture. U.S. Patent 4,950,490
  • Food Shell and Method of Manufacture. U.S. Patent 4,781,932
  • Tortilla and Method of Manufacture. U.S. Patent 4,135,811
  • Refrigerated Dough and Method of Manufacture. U.S. Patent 4,381,315
  • Stable Aerated Frozen Dessert with Multivalent Cation Electrolyte. U.S. Patent 4,542,035
  • Method of Making Frozen Compositions. U.S. Patent 6,017,574
  • Method of Making Ice Cream. U.S. Patent 5,620,732
  • Other patents are pending